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KFH Malaysia strongly believes in the Shariah principles of fairness and equality, which form the basic foundation for its daily conduct of business and operations. As a responsible corporate and in aligning with the Islamic principles, KFH Malaysia is fulfilling its social obligations with full awareness and responsive towards the critical needs and attention of the underprivileged local community. It is also the main intention for the Bank to inculcate and promote strong ethical values amongst its employees in contributing their efforts towards creating a better society. KFH Malaysia have inherited the spirit and conviction from its Parent in Kuwait which has continued to reaffirm its social role and apply the notion of social responsibility through various means and occasions, both in Kuwait and countries with its international presence.


KFH Malaysia has activated various activities and programmes from the very beginning to benefit the society at large. Over the years, we have come to appreciate that the CSR initiatives could be organised in a more structured manner in order for us to maximise the benefits.

CSR Logo Explanation

The green emblem relates to the Kuwait Finance House brand as an Islamic financial institution. The four-coloured leaves within the emblem represent the four quadrants as prescribed by Bursa Malaysia CSR Framework, under which the Bank's programme is structured.

Orange Leaf - Community - schools enhancements, assistance to underprivileged communities

Blue Leaf - Marketplace - Business & Knowledge microfinancing scheme, entrepreneurial seminar for low income community, Islamic Banking knowledge-sharing with students

Pink Leaf - Workplace - Staff volunteer work

Lime Green leaf - Environment -Treeplanting, better working environment


CSR for Community matters to the local communities, who want to know that they are living amongst organisations that share their values and concerns. It matters to the localities to know that KFH Malaysia provides opportunities on entrepreneurship, skills development, life-long learning and employability and strives towards poverty reduction.


CSR at Marketplace matters because it mirrors the core values of the society in which we wish to live. It matters to individual companies, big or small, who, through innovative products and services, can improve their economic, environmental and social performance. It matters to our clients, customers and partners who are paying more and more attention to the social and environmental credentials of the products and services KFH Malaysia offers.


CSR at Workplace matters to those who work in and for KFH Malaysia, to exercise their role in society through volunteerism and can help to create a more rewarding and inspiring working environment.


CSR for Environment matters to our children and future generations who expect to live in a world which respects people and nature.


The overarching principle which KFH Malaysia adopts for its CSR undertakings is the Islamic values. As we comply with the Shariah principles in our business operations, the same tenets require us to carry a higher calling of spreading the knowledge of Islamic banking and finance and to be at the forefront in spreading the virtues and knowledge of Islam in the areas where we operate.


Led by its Chief Executive Office and the senior management team, KFH Malaysia has implemented various programmes and activities which include assisting the underprivileged community and natural disaster victims, enriching universities and school students on Islamic banking knowledge; providing basic business skills for the low income group; providing aids and facilities to Islamic religious schools and related Islamic activities; contribution to Tabung Haji hajj pilgrims; treeplanting as well as staff volunteerism in the local community.

Finally, we seek Allah Almighty to bless the journey that made KFH Malaysia a leading example in serving its society and country as a business entity. We intend for all our efforts and initiatives to pave the ways for others to emulate and copy, to help reconcile the economic, social and environmental ambitions for the country.